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I Help People Legally Change Their Name Or Their Child’s Name

There are many reasons you may be thinking about changing your legal name. Before you can begin the process of changing it with the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Social Security Administration, however, you have to have the new name approved by the court.

I am attorney Kristi Barnhill, and I am available to guide you through this legal process so you can avoid any complications.

To learn more about how I can help you change your legal name, call 713-965-7612 or contact my firm online to schedule a consultation in The Woodlands, Texas.

Thinking About Changing Your Legal Name In Texas?

There are several reasons, in particular, why you might be contemplating a name change, such as:

  • You were not legally adopted, but would like to take your stepparent’s last name.
  • You were divorced and want to return to your maiden name.
  • You want to take your mother’s family name.

The Process Of Changing Your Name

When you decide that you want to legally change your name, a petition needs to be filed with the court. The courts require you to submit your fingerprints for a background check and explain to the judge the legal reasons why you want to change your name.

Changing Your Child’s Name

Whether you would like to change your child’s last name to match yours or would just like to change your child’s name, I can help you. I have helped many parents successfully negotiate through the legal process of changing their child’s name. Let me help you through the legal steps required to change your child’s name.

Obtain Legal Counsel From An Experienced Family Law Attorney

I am an experienced family lawyer with the knowledge to handle all your family law needs, including name change requests. I have a strong background handling cases throughout Montgomery County. I know the right steps to take in helping you navigate through the legal process.

If you would like to return to your maiden name after getting divorce, I can help. Contact my law firm today to schedule a consultation at my law firm in The Woodlands. My practice is conveniently located near The Woodlands Mall and five minutes away from the freeway.