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Spring Child Custody and Support Lawyer

When you are going through a divorce, your primary concern is most likely your children. You may wonder how divorce will affect them: who they will live with and who will provide their support.

Keeping Your Children’s Best Interests at Heart

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I am family law attorney Kristi Barnhill, and I am committed to protecting your parental rights to ensure that you get the support and parenting time you are entitled to. Whether you are going through a divorce or have a change in income and need to modify a court order, the Law Office of Kristi Barnhill, PLLC, can help you negotiate the details and navigate through court system. Contact my law firm in The Woodlands today to schedule a consultation with a highly skilled child custody and support attorney.

Child Custody and Visitation

I am experienced in handling child custody issues involving contested and uncontested divorces. I also have a strong background modifying original child custody orders, which can occur when:

  • A child wants to live with the noncustodial parent
  • A parent is moving out of the state or out of the country

In Texas, unless there are special circumstances, generally both parents keep equal rights and duties regarding their children. Although one parent will generally have the right to determine where the child will live, the courts prefer to promote co-parenting when possible to allow both parents to share the rights and duties of being a parent.

Child Support Determination


In Texas, a parent can ask the court for current and retroactive child support. Court-ordered child support is usually based on a guideline formula. Unless you and the other parent reach an agreement, the court will generally use this formula to calculate the child support amount. Some factors taken into consideration include the following:

  • Income of noncustodial parent
  • How many children the noncustodial parent has
  • Any factors that may justify deviating from the guidelines

Additionally, we can help you seek a child support modification if the income of either parent has changed, if the needs of the child have changed, or if another factor has affected your child support needs or obligations.

Offering Spousal Support Services in Montgomery County

In certain cases, spousal support or alimony can be awarded to a spouse for a period of time. It is intended to provide limited support to a spouse during the period of uncertainty following the dissolution of the marriage. Certain requirements must be met before a spouse is eligible to receive spousal support. Before awarding spousal support, the court considers a variety of factors such as:

  • How long the couple has been married?
  • The earning capacity of each spouse
  • Can each spouse support himself or herself?
  • Does a spouse need further education or training before rejoining the workforce?

I can help you with initial spousal support determinations, as well as spousal support modifications.

Contact a Skilled Woodlands, Texas, Child Visitation Attorney

For help modifying your existing child custody or support orders, petitioning for spousal support or establishing child custody and support during your divorce, contact my law firm at 713-965-7612 to schedule a consultation.

I am a highly skilled divorce lawyer with experience handling cases in Montgomery County. My law office is conveniently located near The Woodlands Mall and Market Street.